white eyePublished: 01-08-1993

Animal rights activist Diana Pembridge is embroiled in a tangle of scientific corruption and sexual scandal when her friend, scientist Carolyn Williams, is found murdered, and chief scientist John Parker will go to any lengths to protect his deadly secrets.
'Extraordinary .. impressive .. a gifted writer with an individual and powerful vision of the convulsions of our time.'
-The Los Angeles Times Book Review
'A writer of talent and feistiness.'
-The New York Times Book Review
'Easily the equal of a Graham Greene.'
Cleveland Plain Dealer
At the time of writing this novel I had a creepy feeling about biological weaponry. The understanding of genetic manipulation had grown and in the wrong hands---there are always the wrong hands---it could be totally disastrous. For me personally it was a time of pessimism. Readers have told me recently, 20 years after it was published, they've just read White Eye and how much they enjoyed it. But I did not enjoy writing it, so I've nothing more to say.